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How To Purchase A Firearm Online Rifles Springfield Springfield M1A Socom 16 308 Caliber Rifle (AA9626)
Springfield Armory Springfield M1A Socom 16 308 Caliber Rifle (AA9626)

Springfield Armory Now In Stock! Fall Gun Sale Going On Now At ~ Huge Savings On The Most Popular Guns In The Industry! Springfield M1A Socom 16 308 Rifle. Stock # AA9626. This 16" version of the venerable M1A can be an effective close quarters battle rifle or just a great "ranch gun." This rifle has the minimum length barrel for a rifle under federal law. It has a proprietary muzzle break, tritium front sight and a forward-mounted scope base that is ideal for electronic sights or other accessories.
This rifle comes with one 10 round magazine, black fiberglass stock, and two-stage military trigger. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! This model is legal in California

Features Include:

  • .308 Caliber
  • 16.25" Barrel Carbon Steel Barrel
  • Twist: 1 turn in 11 inches, right hand, six-groove chrome-moly barrel
  • Tritium Front Sight Post
  • Black Fiberglass Stock
  • Windage & Elevation Adjustable Rear Sight
  • 5 to 6 Lbs Two Stage Military Trigger
  • 1 - 10 Round Box Magazine
  • California Legal
  • Stock # AA9626
  • Call Toll Free 877-YES-GUNS To Order

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Springfield M1A Socom 308 Rifle (AA9626)
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4.25 of 5 stars
"Expectation Exceeder!"
by JW on April 17, 2010
5 of 5 stars
"The SOCOM 16 caught my attention over a year ago for the "obvious reason": how well the weapon will suit the roles of the owner. Here in TX we have a wild hog problem that isn't going away and personal defense is a constant reality that must be considered. The SOCOM 16 is a multi-role performer in the areas of hunting-home defense-combat. Handling is solid, sighting is easy, and the recoil is mild. You can expect accurate and devastating fire-power from this carbine when you put it to work. These qualities placed the SOCOM 16 at the head of the class in my book. It excedes expectations in hunting( wild hogs don't stand a chance), home defense(drops crooks on contact), and combat(terrorists on US soil should avoid Americans with this weapon). Get the SOCOM 16: the Expectation Exceeder!"
Great little rifle for CQB and deer!!!
by Don on October 19, 2008
5 of 5 stars
I already own an Standard M1A and an M1A Scout. I put a Leupold EER foward mounted Scout scope on the Scout and took a deer at 110 yards last year using Hornady TAP FPD 150 gr. He dropped like he was hit by lightning. I decided to buy the SOCOM 1, without all of the rail gadgets and bulk , to keep around the house and 16 acres that I live on out in the sticks. I decided to top it with an EOTech sight. Around my property, I've shot it with iron sights and the EOTech. I find it's an accurate, handy little rifle. For dimlight, I installed a GG&G short rail on the left front area of the stock forend. It allows me to slide the tactical LED light I use on my Kimber TLE /RL or Glock 21SF, onto my SOCOM and use it in the dark. The switch operates with my left thumb when holding the rifle. I also note that shooting Hornady's 110gr. TAP load feels like shooting a .223 AR. I can shoot it as fast as any AR-15, but with alot more punch. It feels very comforting at night in the middle of nowheresville with a 20 round mag full of the 110 gr TAP and the LED Tactical light. Very fast, very powerful. Highly recommend.
Great rifle
by Lemount on August 28, 2008
5 of 5 stars
Here in California this is probably the best rifle to have here. The only other alternatives are Neutered AR-15's and other rifles haved to be gimped as well. The recoil was suprisingly light. I love it.
pistol grip and stock
by Antonio fuller on August 10, 2008
3 of 5 stars
this the best rifle I think can be used for about anything I just would love to find a pistol grip and a stock that moves
SOCOM 16 review
by Andrew on July 19, 2008
4 of 5 stars
I had a Scout with an 18 inch barrel. The rifle was very accurate. However, I really liked the looks of the 16 inch SOCOM so I traded it in. I got the SOCOM 16 II. It came with an upper and lower rails. The stock on my rifle was an after market ones made by Vltor. Its got a collapsable stock and a pistol grip. The first time I fired the SOCOM 16, at an indoor range of about 50 yards away, I was not too impressed with the accuracy. Unlike my Scout, I was able to put three round group shots with the holes touching each other just by using the iron sights. My SOCOM 16 was kind of spread. I took the rifle again at the same range this time and shot at the same distance. This time, I focused more on breathing and trigger pull. I had difficulty concentrating on the bullseye due to the front sight being a little thick. I shot better this time and was able to hit the bullseye every shot. It was not as tight at the Scouts'. But I think this was due to the front sight being thick. I think that if I replace the front sight with a thinner one just like the Scout, I believe that this rifle will shoot just as tight. The recoil is very light, feels like and AR. But the bark is very loud. I LOVE this rifle. If I had to go into battle, this would be my choice. I'm a former ARMY soldier and is now a police officer for 12 years. I've fired multiple rifles and pistols. This would be my choice. It's worth the price. :)
M1A - SOCOM 16
by A Catholic, A NRA Member, A Republican on June 16, 2008
3 of 5 stars
I purchased this rifle a couple months ago. I just took this rifle to the range today. This is an amazing piece of engineering. It's equivalent to shooting a .223 cal.. WOW... accuracy with iron sights, and a bear market punch!
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